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How To Pick Your Lawn Mower Today

A lawn mower is a piece of mechanical equipment that uses either a petrol engine, electric motor or you pushing forward to turn a blade that cuts your grass.

Here’s how to match a mower to your lawn:

Do you live on a 1/3 acre land? Front, back and side yards? Back and side flat but front sloped, with garden beds, trees and a sump cover to move around?

Well, that’s my lawn and it takes 45-60 mins to mow (10 to empty the catcher bag once-twice). The total area to mow is 2-3 basketball courts.

What mower do you think is best for this lawn?

Cordless electric (battery powered) can mow this lawn without a charge but costs in the $400 range. Corded electric – annoying – with all the divisions and things to move around. And a riding mower? Not necessary.

Petrol was and is the best option for that lawn (my lawn) – affordable power was key, the noise level wasn’t important and the maintenance is simple.

You see, the process of matching a mower to your lawn is easy – it’s about knowing what’s most important to you – budget, ease of use, power, noise level, emissions etc.

Features That Matter

Terms you need to know:

  • The Deck: This is the core of the mower. It’s what the wheels, blade and engine are attached to. You can usually adjust the height of the deck based on the height of the grass you’re cutting.
  • Self Propel: The best lawn mowers have a feature that attaches a belt to the engine and wheels to help push the mower forward. Most people prefer rear-drive, and most mowers with this feature are more expensive.
  • Cutting Modes: Most mowers can do 3 different styles of grass cutting: (1) Bagging (2) Mulching (3) Side discharge. And you’ll be able to decide which one with a lever on the mower.

Here’s the features to know about:

  1. Engine – As the size of lawn and thickness of grass increases petrol mowers become more practical.
    • Cost. The corded electric tend to be the most affordable. The cordless electric the most expensive. With the petrol ones in the middle. The cordless electric use a lithium-ion battery (several) to provide between 40 and 120 minutes of mow time before recharge.
  2. Electric Start – This is for the petrol mowers, and comes at almost no extra cost versus the recoil start. You may enjoy the recoil, however?
  3. Blade Brake Clutch – The lawn mower safety feature. It’s a handle that you hold down while operating the mower. When you let it go a brake is engaged on the flywheel to stop the blades. Every mower has one these days. Don’t buy one that doesn’t.
  4. Rear Wheel Drive – If you have a large yard, sloped yard or are just feeling like having an easier mow, then you’ll want self propelled rear wheel drive. It’s a drive belt connected to your rear wheels from the engine.
  5. Wash-out Port – This is a port that you can attach your garden hose to and will clean out all the grass from the underside of your deck and the blades.
  6. Padded Handlebar – When you’re pushing a lawn mower around you don’t want a handlebar digging in to your hands. Look for one with padding – even better are ones that have bike style grips.

The Different Petrol And Electric Lawn Mower Options

Let’s look at the pros and cons of petrol and electric and also take a look at the options when looking for a specific lawn mower.

Petrol Lawn Mower Reviews

Petrol internal combustion engine mowers are more money than corded electric but less than cordless.

The gist of your petrol mower options are: Grass collection bag or not? Self propelled or not? You need to decide based on your budget, simple as that.

  • Pros: More torque to cut through tough grass. More range because a tank of fuel lasts hours and hours (contractors use petrol mowers for these reasons).
  • Cons: Frequent servicing. Louder. Have to go fill jerry can.

Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

You’ll need to spend $475 (mower + extra batteries) to get a cordless electric mower to last more than 90 minutes.

Electric mowers can be corded or cordless. The cordless ones are powered by rechargeable batteries. The cost of a cordless electric mower tends to depend on the length of time it can last before it needs charging.

If you’re prepared to deal with the cord then you’re only looking at $150.

Cordless Pros: No cord. Quieter than petrol. Low maintenance. No emissions from the mower.

  • Cons: Limited mowing time (usually around 1 hour). Expensive. Have to charge battery. Struggles with very thick/tall grass.

Corded Pros: Least expensive mower. Low maintenance. No emissions from the mower. Quieter than petrol.

  • Cons: Have to deal with the cord. Struggles with very thick/tall grass.

Reasons To Buy The Best Lawn Mower

Ever heard this quote?

“I’m too poor to buy the cheapest things.”

It rings true with lawn mowers. It means the cheapest gear will cost the most in the long run. Whether it be it breaks down and costs your time and money to fix, or that you need to replace it many times over. Paying to get the best upfront saves you money.

For a full listing of the best go here. But let’s look at the best here also:

Powered By Honda 

Petrol – Best Lawn Mower

Husqvarna 160CC Honda Engine Gas Lawn Mower1) Husqvarna With Honda Engine

The best petrol lawn mower for most people is the 21-inch blade Husqvarna 7021P.

It’s not self propelled but most people have flat lawns so it shouldn’t be a problem.

It has a bag with options for side discharge and mulching to return nutrients to your lawn. Also, it has a collapsable handle for easy storage in your garage.

Imagine next time you’re mowing the lawn – with this one you’ll only have to do one run over and the job will be done – no returning to areas to attend to missed grass and no raking because the bag properly collects.

Best Of Both Worlds?

Second Best Cordless (See #1 Best Here)

Black and Decker Cordless Electric Lawn Mower2) Black & Decker Self Propelled

The second best cordless electric lawn mower for most people is the 19-inch blade self-propelled Black & Decker SPCM1936.

It’s about $400 but offers low noise, low-no maintenance, over 1 hour of mow time on 1 charge and is self propelled to assist on the hills and through tough grass.

It also has foldable handles for easy storage under your work bench. Next time you’re mowing your lawn with ear plugs and breathing in exhaust fumes – imagine owning this cordless electric and not having to do either.

Affordability At Cost Of Cord Annoyance

Best Corded Corded Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks Corded Electric Best Lawn Mower1) GreenWorks Corded Electric

The best corded electric lawn mower for most people is the 20-inch blade affordable GreenWorks 25022.

One weird thing is that it doesn’t come with a cord, but you can buy one at the same time for $16 for 100 feet. It’s quite lightweight at 55 pounds so pushing it around should be a cinch.

If you live in a city and have a small lawn but don’t want to disturb the neighbors or emit fumes then this mower for $160 is your best bet.