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How Lawn Mowers Will Help You Find Your Lawn Mower

My goal with starting this website is to help you find your lawn mower fast – like today. That’s why I arranged this website like a catalog – with easy to understand categories like best petrol mower, best electric mower and best overall mowers. Hopefully it cuts through the B.S. to give you the information you need.

Picking a mower is easy:

  • Pick petrol if you don’t care about noise and want a powerful and affordable mower to tackle thick grass with ease.
  • Pick electric if you have a small lawn and refuse to head to the gas station to fill your Jerry can. Electric are quiet and require no maintenance and have no smelly fumes.

About Me

So why do I have the authority to start a website about lawn mowers?

I’m a Mechanical Engineer by trade. I’ve worked in the mining industry for about 7 years now. I don’t spend my days fixing lawn mowers but lawn mowers are just engines or motors with blades attached. I use a lawn mower once a month or so. I love them. So I started a website about them to learn more about them while helping people find the best for their needs.

How To Contact Me

I started a Facebook page to discuss lawn mowers and you can contact me there.