About Lawn Mowers Catalog

Hi, I’m Jamey and I started LawnMowersCatalog.com in 2014 so I could buy and test lawn mowers (and other power equipment) for fun.

My past experience:

  • I am a mechanical engineer by trade and have spent the last 9 years researching, disassembling, testing and recommending gas and electric power equipment for various authority publications, namely pressurewashr.com, where I was quoted in PopularMechanics, NYTimes, Homes.com, Realtor.com, HowStuffWorks and many others. Since all power products use the same few small engines and electric motors, I thought lawn mowers would be a perfect crossover for pressure washers and portable generators.
  • I am currently in my mid-30s and live in the suburbs and have a 1/4 acre of lawn to mow (between back, front and side yards). I mow with a Honda self propelled and I also own and use a bunch of other mowers at the house including a Briggs engine gas and a battery powered Ryobi (benefits of having a lawn mower website).
  • I’ve also owned 194 acres in the country for 3.5 years now. It’s 2 hrs drive from my suburb house and my family and I visit it every second weekend to enjoy the great outdoors (and I do some mowing 🙂 ). It has about 50 acres cleared that need mowing. The rest is forest, rocky hills and a deep gully/canyon with flowing water. So I’ve experimented with different riding mowers and tow behind mowers. Lots of the photos you see on this website will be taken at either of my properties.